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Values – Free Icebreaker

Duration: 10 - 15 minutes

Intended for:

This free icebreaker can be used to help break the ice in a relaxed way at the beginning of a training session or meeting.

The icebreaker can be used during training where you want to focus on what the important values are for the training course or meeting that they are about to participate in. It also encourages participants to engage with each other and discuss the importance of the session.

This icebreaker can also be used as an energiser throughout a training session.

Training course contents:

A set of instructions for the icebreaker, ‘Values’ can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below.

Resources Needed – flipchart and pens


Prior to starting this icebreaker, the trainer should write a word that they consider to be the most important value for the training course or meeting on a hidden piece of flipchart paper (i.e. the flip paper under the one the room can see).

Explain to participants that you have identified one key value that you think is important for the training course or meeting and that it is hidden on the flipchart.

Tell them you would like them to work in groups to decide what they think is the most important value for the training course. Give them 5 minutes to do this.

Bring the group back together, discuss their opinions and find out why they feel that way.

Finally, show participants your value and explain your reasoning.


Use this icebreaker to help break the ice at the beginning of a training session or meeting by encouraging participants to consider what’s important to them.

Values – Free Icebreaker


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