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Witches, Goblins & Giants – Free Energiser

Duration: This free energiser should last 15 minutes or more.

Intended for:

This energiser is great for opening a session, although it works just as well throughout a course when you need to get the participants excitement levels up and blood flowing.

Training course contents:

An energiser exercise based on the old game ‘paper, scissors, stones’ can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below.

With team participation and actions, this energiser is sure to raise the humour levels.


This activity works best with larger groups.


Split the group into two teams and place them at opposite ends of the room (or far enough apart not to hear each other whisper if outdoors).

Write the following on a sheet of flipchart paper and place where all can see…

Witches eat Goblins 

Goblins eat Giants 

Giants eat Witches

Prior to starting the activity the teams must decide what sounds and actions each of the characters would make, say the following… ‘So, starting with Witches, what action and sound would they make?’ (Starting the activity in this way creates a positive mood immediately and makes things go really well).

Advise the teams that this game is played much like ‘paper, scissors, stones’. Firstly, you will provide the teams with a little time to confer. Then you will provide a countdown from 3 and after ‘1’ each team should act out and make the sound of the character they have chosen from the list. The winner will be the team that ‘eats’ the other. The game will be decided on a ‘best of three’ basis. If anyone within a team performs the wrong sound or action, the other team will be awarded the point.


This energiser adds interest and fun to a training session.

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Witches, Goblins & Giants – Free Energiser


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