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Writing Multiple Choice Questions

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Duration: 1 Day

Intended for:

Many trainers, instructional designers, teachers, examiners, managers and subject matter experts have to write multiple choice questions. There are many situations in which they may do this and these are just a few examples.

  • To assess knowledge and understanding.
  • To assess progress during a training programme.
  • To help consolidate learning.
  • To help develop new knowledge and understanding.
  • For fun quizzes

Training course contents:

Sadly, it can be difficult to write effective multiple choice questions and we have all seen poor examples of them. This is usually because the people who write them do not follow a few basic principles.

These easy to deliver training course materials will help you take your learners through four principles which will help them to write effective multiple choice questions on a consistent basis.

The main content of the training course materials…

Advantages and Disadvantages – In this activity learners consider the advantages and disadvantages of multiple choice questions. The purpose of this is to help them to consider when to use this question type and when not to.

Four Principles – A look at the four principles that form the basis of this training: Start with objectives – clear and understandable – no soft clues – meaningful feedback.

Data Protection Assessment – Learners practice writing an objective using a Data Protection scenario. They then analyse 5 questions to assess whether they are suitable to use for the objective they have written.

What’s wrong with these questions? – The learners analyse some multiple choice questions and discuss why they breach the ‘clear and understandable’ principle. If time allows they will re-write the questions so that they are clearer and easier to understand.

Do you have a counter strategy? – Learners are presented with a number of strategies candidates use to answer multiple choice questions when they do not know the correct answers. What are the counter strategies to make it more difficult to guess their way to success?

The clue is in the question – By examining three questions learners discover how it is possible to include easy clues in questions without intending to. They are asked to consider how the questions can be re-worded so that they are more challenging.

Meaningful Feedback – What do candidates who have answered multiple choice questions need to know? How much information should be given to them? We explain the different types if feedback that is necessary for formative and summative assessments.

Assessing the Objectives – Learners practice writing multiple choice questions using the objectives of this training as the basis for this.


By the end of this Writing Effective Multiple Choice Questions training course your participants will be able to:

  • Identify when it is appropriate to use multiple choice questions
  • Write questions that assess defined objectives
  • Use plain language when writing questions
  • Minimise the risk that the answers to your questions will be easy to guess
  • Provide meaningful and timely feedback to people who answer multiple choice questions

Writing Multiple Choice Questions

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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