Embed a key learning point through humorous movies!

Posted April 7th, 2009

Always on the look out for novel ways to get a message across during training courses, I was excited when I found a collection of websites that allow you to subtitle your own words over different movie clips. These movies allow you to create your own input and develop a memorable clip related to any topic you want to present to your participants.

The possibilities are endless and you can play around with the idea as much as you want until you feel it is right. The method of delivery is both fun and memorable as the following clip on this link will show…

Give it a go yourself. You might want to use it to get across a message about a new product or to embed learning from a training issue that you are discussing. Here’s another one I put together in about 2 minutes…

Here’s a few links of sites that provide this free service…

Have fun!


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