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Five Benefits of Good Time Management

Posted September 14th, 2021

Time management is all about using your available time in the most effective way possible.

Making efficient use of time is something anybody can learn to do. It will likely involve making a few changes to how you work, but it largely centres around a few key practices: planning, prioritisation and focus. Once these become habits, time management simply becomes second nature.

So why learn how to change your work habits and pick up time management skills? Whether it is for work or study, effective time management means working smarter, not harder. Ultimately allowing you to produce better quality work without having a negative impact on other aspects of your life. We’ve broken down 5 ways that learning good time management skills can positively impact your life.

  1. Efficiency

One of the most crucial elements of time management is prioritisation. When we learn how to successfully prioritise tasks based on different importance and urgency factors, we can dedicate the appropriate time to the most important tasks and use smaller windows to complete more menial tasks like responding to emails.

  1. Quality of Work

With greater efficiency comes an increased work quality. For example, when we identify our “prime time” for work production (which for most of us is 3-4 hours in the morning!), we can plan ahead, and use this time to focus on the biggest; or most important tasks. Think of it this way: when we stick to a plan, we are not rushing to get the important stuff done here and there. 5 minutes before this meeting, 10 minutes before that one – we can focus on producing the best work possible when we’re not stressed or rushing.

  1. Success

This one speaks for itself. When you are producing your best work, whether it’s in a work environment or an educational one, more doors for career progression and success are opened. Time management allows you to be the best possible version of yourself and prove exactly what you can do.

  1. Enriches life outside of work

Those who can successfully manage their time during the day are less likely to be taking work home. With efficient prioritisation and planning, deadlines are more likely to be met with time to spare, meaning work can be left at the office, and evenings and weekends are your own. Whether you use that time to go for a run or spend time with family, you can focus on some of the important things in life and forget about work for a while.

  1. Less stress and a healthier lifestyle!

Being on top of our work reduces our stress levels dramatically and the subsequent freedom to spend more time with loved ones or doing the things you enjoy only furthers this! Having free time for your own enjoyment enhances your work life balance and your mental wellbeing. You’ll also sleep better! The more on top of our work we are, and the more time we have to enrich ourselves with the aforementioned things that bring us joy, the healthier we feel. A healthy headspace helps us make better decisions, when we’re stressed or tired, we might make poor decisions which then impact us in all aspects of our lives.

Ultimately, good time management helps us to create efficient work environments; build a good work-life balance by creating time for other things; and help us to promote our careers as we produce the best work we can. A healthy lifestyle outside of the workplace and a well-organised work environment complement each other, creating a positive cycle that helps us live fulfilling lives with successful careers.

So that begs the question, how can we improve our time management to reap all the above benefits? Learn how to manage your time and the time of your employees successfully with the Trainer Bubble resources below:

Time Management Fundamentals – An e-learning course that provides learners with the key information required to manage time effectively.

Time Management – An e-learning course that provides a more in-depth look at time management.

Managing Time – Another e-learning course that looks at time management from a different perspective.

Time Management Training Materials A set of materials that will help you run your own training course in the classroom.

Time Management Virtual Materials A set of materials that will help you run your own training course over Zoom, MS Teams etc.


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