Training the key to profits!

Posted July 10th, 2008

The head of the company that owns PC World and Currys has said that poorly trained staff are a large factor in the current failings of these businesses and that improving service levels is going to present major difficulties for the future. “It will take some time. It will require years of training. It’s an investment, but we think we can make a major difference over time,” said John Browett, chief executive of DSGi.

As someone who runs a training organisation I have to say I’m surprised that this point even needs mentioning. Of course poorly trained staff will have a detrimetal affect on a business and I don’t just mean sales training, customer care is just as much an important factor. As the internet has provided the customer with more choice than ever, it has become even more vital that staff are able to get the basics right and only training can achieve this.

In my opinion, well trained staff are the key to retail environments, where the ability to increase profits on products is being diminished by the ability to choose from such a variety of different sources. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it is possibly the only differing factor that high street retail chains can now offer over cheaper internet offerings.

Why it has taken a huge downturn in sales for anyone to realise this is beyond me. Anyone that goes shopping will notice that the staff lack knowledge, motivation and the ability to show interest in a customers needs and a positive respect for the company they are representing as well as its products.

I have to have a little respect for John Browett though, at least he realises the importance of training to his future profitability. The recent talk of concerns over recession and a dip in high street spending worries me. At a time when organisations should be investing in training, I can only see things going one way.

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