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Trainer Bubble courses save you time, stress and money!

We've tried to keep the process of purchasing and using our training course materials and e-learning courses as simple as possible.

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We’ve broken down the key steps for purchasing training course materials for you below…

1. Locate the training resource section

Visit our ‘training products‘ section, where you will find a complete list of our training resources, course materials and useful training documents. These are separated into different sections to help you identify what you need.

2. Select the specific course material or training resource you need

Once you have found a training course or resource that you are interested in, click on the title heading from the list and this will take you to an in-depth view of the specific training resource. Here you will find detailed information on the training resource as well as the objectives, intended audience and a description of the content of the training course, training game etc. in more detail.

3. Add the training materials to your basket and complete checkout

Click  ‘Add to Basket’ button and you will add the training materials to your basket and be taken to this section. You then have the option to continue shopping, or go to checkout. Once you have all the products you require in your basket. Go to checkout and complete payment.

4. Wait for an email containing your training materials

As soon as your purchase is complete, your training materials will be available for download directly from our website. You will also receive an email containing a link to the training materials that you purchased. The link will take you to an area of our website where the materials can be downloaded and saved to your hard drive ready for you to work with.

5. Edit, add logos, alter, amend and update the materials to your needs (does not apply to e-learning)

There are no restrictions on how you use our training materials. You can remove any reference to Trainer Bubble, add your own logos, alter and update the content as required. The materials are all in Word or PowerPoint format and so the alteration is as simple as can be. Because the content is already professionally designed, the alterations should be minor and will usually be aimed at making the materials specific to your own business. We purposely keep our design clean and simple to make your process of editing as easy as possible. However, the graphic elements, graphs and pictures, when used, will be presented in a professional way, so you can be confident in their use.

6. Run effective, interactive and inclusive training courses

Use our well-designed, easy-to-follow, professionally written training course materials to deliver an effective training course to an interested audience who will feel involved and motivated to learn. Be prepared for exceptional training evaluation results! Of course, once you have purchased the training course materials, you can print out as many workbooks for as many courses as you choose to run and alter them each time to suit the audience if required.

7. Return to Trainer Bubble to purchase further resources or add a spark

We are constantly updating our training course list as well as our free training resources, which means that you can evolve with us. If you want to add something fresh to an existing course that you own, why not download a new training game, energiser or icebreaker? Or, if you want to train a new topic, why not try out another of our exciting training course materials. The possibilities are endless.