How important is time management?

Posted November 6th, 2015

Time is our enemy is an oft quoted phrase, and for many people in business, time management is a constant struggle, in terms of their own time and those of their employee’s. Effective time management, can lead to greater levels of productivity, job satisfaction as well as profits. The problem many business owners and managers face is exactly how to become more effective in the use of their available time.

There are various ways that we as individuals do not make the most productive use of our time, procrastination being one of them, along with lack of focus. The key element in time management is to utilise the available time to its maximum efficiency. This can be achieved by following some simple guidelines:

Setting relevant goals and objectives

By setting goals and key objectives that we want to achieve, we focus our minds on the task at hand. By actively developing goals and targets, we have something specific to aim for and also know clearly when we have achieved them. This makes it easier to manage our time around required achievements.

Learn to say NO

One of the biggest hurdles people face in terms of managing their time, is learning to say no to tasks that are not essential and do not need to be completed there and then. Non-essential tasks take our focus away from the important task at hand.

Take regular breaks

This is important. It has been shown in numerous clinical trials that we require regular breaks to work at our optimum levels. Typically, you should take a break every hour, even if its just a walk around the office or to grab a drink. Every four hours, have a minimum of a 30 minute break to recharge your batteries, you will work far more efficiently by taking regular breaks.

Be proactive instead of reactive

One of the most time consuming issues many face is reacting to problems that occur. On many occasions it is possible to foresee potential problems and to be more proactive in dealing with them before they become an issue. More often than not, if a potential problem is dealt with early on, it can be dealt with swiftly.

These are just a few of the techniques that can be used to eliminate time management problems. As a business owner, manager, teaching your staff and employee’s how to maximise their time, can have a wide array of benefits.
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