How to Cope with Redundancy

Posted November 1st, 2017

If you are facing the prospect of redundancy it is always going to be a tough time, no matter the type of work you do, or how long you’ve been working for your current company. Fear not however, as dark as it seems right now there are some things that can help you to prepare for redundancy and come out the other side brighter, confident and ready for the next challenge.

Try Not to Take Redundancy to Heart – There could be many reasons for your redundancy, from your specific role no longer being required, to cost cutting measures or the business itself closing down. No matter the reasons behind it, it won’t be down to you personally, and you are not alone.

Understand Your Rights – Check your contract to see what you are entitled to as part of any redundancy package. You should have been provided a written explanation for your redundancy, and within different timeframes, redundancy pay and different notice periods, depending on the number of redundancies and the amount of time you’ve worked for the company.

Look After Your Finances – Even if you are provided with a lump sum of money, be careful and plan for a rainy day, as you might not know for sure when you are next receiving a pay packet. Put in place a strict budget from day one to understand your financial limits.

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