How to Handle Complaints at Work

Posted May 31st, 2018

Knowing how to handle complaints at work is part of any employee’s daily process. Complaints from clients or complaints from the public are fairly common day-to-day, which means that every employee needs to be equipped to handle them; even if that means passing them on to your supervisor, which can be the policy for new employees.

If you dismiss a complaint from a client, nothing will change in your company. Complaints happen because an individual has received sub-par service, which means that a service or even an employee in the company has not met the expectations that your company’s clients have.

When a customer first makes a complaint, take a moment to fully understand what just happened, and what they said. It can be difficult to be impassive when someone is being negative, but it’s important to breathe and log the complaint professionally so that your company can take the appropriate action.

Do not, under any circumstances, argue with the client who is making the complaint. An emotional response to the complaint will only fuel the individual making the complaint. Keep a steady tone of voice, remain professional, and follow procedure. Give the client your full attention and listen to everything they’re saying before you respond to them.

Try to empathise with the client. In the face of a complaint, it can be easy to be defensive, especially if you don’t believe you or your company are at fault. However, it’s vital that you remain neutral.

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