How to Influence Others as a Leader

Posted April 24th, 2018

As a leader, it’s your job to be able to reach your employees in various ways. You should be able to motivate and influence them positively and keep them happy during their time with you. A respected leader is someone who is well-liked but respected for their decisions and their ability to connect with their employees.

To start influencing your employees, first you must gain their trust. That sounds ominous, we know, but what we mean is you need to become a person that your employees feel they can go to with their problems. Leaders shouldn’t be untouchable, but rather, a friendly force in a workplace who has the knowledge that others seek to learn from.

A leader should not be egotistical. Confident, yes, but still friendly and down-to-earth. Your employees should feel that you are an approachable person, who is competent at their job, and knows what they’re doing. As the leader, very few people should know more than you. You should be able to stay at the top of your game, constantly gaining new skills and information, and working as much (if not more than) as every other employee at the company.

Finally, learn to inspire others. Reach out to your employees and find out what their career goals are. Help them achieve what they want in life by offering new opportunities and training that they might not find elsewhere. Lay out a plan for those that are struggling, and readily offer your support.


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