How to promote better teamwork

Posted March 27th, 2018

Good teamwork is a vital part of any company, but there’s good teamwork, and then there’s amazing team work. Having a solid work ethic among your employees will help them form efficient teams within their sectors, which will ensure that their work productivity and quality increases.

By setting clear objectives for a team, employees will understand how each of them needs to work together to contribute to the success of that overall goal. Encourage your employees to get to know each other’s strengths, and for people with specific skills to call out and offer assistance when needed.

Promote trust by opening the lines of communication between team members. Don’t force them to talk to each other but push them in the right direction. All team members need to be included in team tasks to feel like they’re positively contributing. People should feel comfortable taking risks, knowing that their colleagues are supporting them ever step of the way.

Reinforce team efforts in your company. Emphasise their successes but let them learn from their failures. As an employer, you might consider staff reward systems for teams that meet their set goals within certain time frames.

Most importantly: Take a step back. It can be difficult and even stress-inducing for employees to always have a manager or supervisor looking over their shoulder. You don’t want them to constantly feel like they’re doing something wrong. Taking a step back allows your team(s) to grow more by themselves and encourage each other through camaraderie.


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