• Certified by ICM

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Trainer Bubble are pleased to be able to provide our customers with training course materials that are certified by the Institute of Commercial Management. This certification provides assurance that our materials meet a professional standard.

ICM’s global services include the design, development and certification of business education and training programmes. The development and certification of bespoke education and training programmes for the corporate sector means that our courses are fit for purpose. ICM works with a range of public and private sector clients including universities, business schools, colleges, training providers and government agencies.

ICM’s 30-year reputation for practical and progressive programmes of study is supported by its accreditation by Ofqual, the UK regulatory body for public examinations and publicly funded qualifications.

Please note: Applicants for certificates are now required to become ICM Approved Centres to provide certificates. You must contact ICM at centreapprovals@icm.education and request an application form to apply. There are additional fees required to become an ICM Approved Centre. Please do this prior to applying for certificates.