The Importance of Essential Management Skills

Posted August 25th, 2017

In any management role there are a few key skills that are important for a person to be a success. Over the longer term, a good manager has to not only deliver targets laid out from his or her own management team, but also inspire the staff under their control to deliver consistently and to a high standard. Without hard work, dedication, humility and sacrifice a person won’t be cut out to be successful as a manager in any line of work. The skills listed below are transferable between any managerial roles, within any sector.

Be an Effective Communicator – All good managers have to be able to get the point they are trying to make across as clearly as possible, in the fewest steps available. Being a clear and direct communicator both verbally and in written form is an asset that helps individuals become better managers.

Good People Skills – The best leaders are those that are intuitive around people and understand those that need an arm around the shoulder and those that need a prod in the right direction. Maximising individual performances will help the wider team reach targets and goals over both a short and long-term. A good manager will also help to develop individuals through training and suggestion.

Solid Decision Making – All managers will face a multitude of decisions on a daily basis. Being able to methodically work through options in a fast timeframe, and make decisions that are effective will help someone make the step up to the next management levels.

Trainer Bubble has a range of course materials aimed at helping managers and those looking to transition into management roles, improve their basic skills in managing people and services. We aim to help each individual maximise their potential within a work setting, as well as helping businesses integrate positive and engaging training options for all staff, with clear career progression the aim.


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