The Importance of Induction to a New Employee

Posted May 12th, 2017

The induction process for employees at any company can often be overlooked by managers and perhaps seen as a waste of time. However, when conducted properly and given the correct focus, it is an extremely important process with company values, work ethic and an honest overview of the company providing a good phase of integration for new employees.

If a company can put in place an effective induction policy and process, there are a number of benefits to new employees.

Easy Integration – Firstly, an induction that covers the basics of the organisation, whilst providing the bigger picture stuff, will help your new staff members to integrate quickly and feel comfortable in the workplace. It’s about creating that instant connection.

Sense of Belonging – That connection helps to make new employees feel like they have made the right decision to start working for your company. Feeling like you belong is a great start to any relationship and you want your staff to like coming into work.

Motivate Staff from the Outset – A good induction will inspire new staff members to work hard, making them feel an important part of the organisation straight away. Boosting morale and motivation levels is one of the key desired outcomes of an induction programme.

Create Communication Channels – In every organisation it is important that staff understand there is a safe place for them to talk about any issues that arise. Induction is the time to create those channels of communication so everyone knows where they are.

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