The Importance of Influencing Others

Posted May 30th, 2017

In business, the voices with influence are the voices that control the destiny of the company they work for. If you have eyes on becoming a star within your respective career it is vitally important that you discover how to influence those around you, from the teams you are in charge of to the leaders above you in the chain of command. It is an important attribute to hold.

Be Well Liked and Respected – Those who influence are those individual’s who are well liked and respected by their peers. Make sure that in your every working day you are open and honest with others, always making time to forge new relationships that can last long into the future.

Lead by Example – Respect comes from the way you lead by example. If you want to have influence over others in the workplace you first have to earn that respect by working hard and not just talking a good game, but walking it too.

Influence Your Career Directly – If you can do all that and be able to influence others around you, swaying decision makers above you, you’ll have more control over your own destiny in your chosen career. That’s something we all want from life!

Trainer Bubble can provide you with the tools to help build on the influencing skills of your employees. Our training course materials on the subject are suitable for a wide range of people, assisting those who within their career are often required to influence others, such as management personnel and company leaders. For other course materials, please feel free to browse our course list.


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