The Importance of Resilience in the Workplace

Posted September 17th, 2017

In the fast-paced and hectic modern workplace many employees see their jobs as the main cause of stress in their lives. With stress being labelled as a health epidemic by the World Health Organization, it is important to understand what can be done to help alleviate stress in the workplace. Not only should employers feel responsible for the mental health of their employees on a personal level, they should see it as a way to increase staff morale, which in turn leads to greater efficacy, productivity and profits.

When faced with incessant stress, demands and pressures, there are a few things we can do to help develop resilience.

Practice Mindfulness – exercising mindfulness is something that many in the business world have turned to in recent years. Mindfulness helps to create an attitude of empathy, insight-related problem solving and helps to increase efficiencies in working practices due to an increase in work engagement as a direct result of mindfulness.

Compartmentalise your Tasks – There is so much information flying at us from all angles in the workplace that it can be easy to just crumble and end up performing very few of the necessary tasks on your list. Be deliberate in how you compartmentalise your work tasks each day. Productivity decreases significantly when we switch between tasks, and compartmentalising can have a positive impact on this switch.

Take Carefully Chosen Breaks – We all need breaks at various points during the day. Make a note of the times of day when you are at your peak tiredness and could do with a short break to re-energise and recharge your batteries. No one can keep up peak concentration and performance for hours at a time, so work in cycles of 1-2 hours at a time, and take short breaks to maintain consistency.

Learn Mental Agility – By learning to accept stress that comes our way we can develop the mental agility to take a step back and look at the causes of that stress from a neutral standpoint. From this vantage point you can label your thoughts and emotions, enabling us to respond to stress, rather than react to it.

Building resilience skills has therefore become a central part of training for employees within a multitude of industries and sectors. Training to build resilience within a workforce isn’t enough alone however, it should be seen as a single item amongst many that are designed to help alleviate stress and increase awareness of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. There is a responsibility of business owners to ensure that this becomes a central part of the culture of a business.

Trainer Bubble understands how important it is for staff members to feel cherished and to be able to work with as little stress as possible on a daily basis within their job roles. Our course for resilience in the workplace has been designed to assist individuals become better prepared for the stresses of work life, and to provide employers with a chance to guide their workforce in a way that encourages positive mental health in the workplace.


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