The Importance of Training your Trainers

Posted July 31st, 2017

Training is vital within all companies as it is a way of ensuring your employees are consistently re-evaluating skills and performance statistics and looking at ways to improve. For any company to grow it is important to provide the correct type and level of training to staff members, and one way to ensure you are doing everything you can is to train your trainers in an effective manner.

There are a few benefits to training your trainers. Creating good trainers will help your internal staff to clearly put across a message or concept that you think is important to your team. Communication is vital and it isn’t just necessary for your trainers to have a full grasp of the subject they are teaching your employees, they also have to be able to show empathy and flexibility when discussing concepts and processes in the workplace.

The lecturing approach to teaching; just reading out information and instructing what is right and wrong, in a very black and white way, doesn’t get the best out of students. Your staff members should feel engaged and inspired when undergoing training in the workplace, building real relationships with the trainers and seeing it as a vital stepping-stone in their personal development and career progression.

Trainer Bubble offers a ‘Train the Trainer’ course that helps anyone that offers training within your organisation that chance to fulfil his or her potential. If you want to develop the trainers within your business, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to engage and enthuse, take a look at our Train the Trainer training course materials.


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