absence management

The Importance of Understanding Absence Management

Posted October 20th, 2016

Absence from work can cost a company, especially one that is in its infancy. Working out what defines an absence from work, the causes behind a staff member who misses their day job on more than one occasion and understanding ways to limit it within the framework of employment law is important for business owners and managers alike.

What can you do to manage absence effectively in the workplace?

Have a Standard Policy Covering Absence – For any absence a staff member should know how and by when they need to contact the workplace to notify you of their absence. They should also be clear on who specifically to contact and how long they can be absent without a doctor’s intervention.

Install a Back to Work Process – Putting in place standard procedures for all staff members who have been absent from work is a great way to make your whole business easier to manage. You can get to know your staff members and give them a forum to speak openly about the reasons behind their absence, allowing you to manage their situation specific to them.

Understand Staff and Spot Patterns – Having a clear absence policy allows you to over time build up a picture of staff members and how each one behaves around illness. You as a manager or business owner need to appreciate when a person is genuinely sick, and when someone might take more time off than necessary.

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