Improving customer service skills is essential to your business.

Posted October 26th, 2015

Of all the elements of any business, customers are certainly one of the most important for obvious reasons. Keeping customers happy and dealing with them in a courteous and professional way is an integral element of any business and one which unfortunately within the UK is sometimes lacking in certain sectors.

There are several key reasons why your employee’s should have excellent customer service skills, these include the following:

The cost of new customer acquisition compared to retaining an existing customer.

The fact is that obtaining a new customer can be costly, whilst retaining an existing customer offers a wide range of benefits and is extremely cost effective.

A satisfied customer is far more likely to return and purchase again.

If a customer has received excellent customer service, they are far more likely to return and purchase again and again from you.

Satisfied customers will refer your business to friends and family.

By far one of the most effective forms of marketing is word of mouth. Referrals from existing customers are usually the best form of potential client, as they are already aware of your business and your reputation will have been enhanced by virtue of the satisfied customer.

In addition a new facet in recent years has been the internet and specifically websites that offer reviews of companies. This has meant that as a business, you now need to be even more vigilant in terms of ensuring complete customer satisfaction. The fact is that due to previous experiences many people now utilise these types of online searches and sites in helping them make a decision as to whether they should buy a product or service or use a particular company. If an unhappy customer places a negative review online this can obviously cause numerous problems. The same can be said with social media where negative reviews and comments can be catastrophic for any business.

How do you improve the customer service skills within your business?

Simple, ongoing training and assessment. Without proper training, your employee’s will not be representing your business in its best possible light. This could mean significant problems for your business. Remember your internal and external workforce are the face and voice of your business. In fact any employee who has contact with clients should be thoroughly trained to ensure that they know exactly how to deal with prospective and existing customers.

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