Leadership and Football – a worrying survey

Posted March 30th, 2007

A recent Franklin Covey Harris Poll surveyed 23,000 people in key industries and the results were staggering.

If the results from the poll were for a football team, you would end up with the following scenario:

  • Only 4 in 11 players know what the objective of the game is
  • 7 in 11 players don’t know which goal is theirs
  • 9 in 11 players don’t care
  • 9 in 11 don’t know what position they play in the team
  • Only 1 player feels that the players would be held accountable for the team’s performance
  • 1 in 11 are actively trying to score goals for the other team

These are truly sobering facts. The resulting organisational cost doesn’t even bear thinking about. If you want to ensure you are providing your leaders with effective training, take a look at our course ‘Leading Effective Teams’. It’s only £53, even Leeds United can afford that!


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