Leading Your Small Business Out of a Crisis

Posted April 24th, 2018

Business crises are difficult times for a business of any size, but they can be particularly worrying for smaller businesses where any negative impact on business incomings or client numbers can easily ruin a business. Bigger companies can usually revive themselves, but a smaller company relies on their day-to-day earning to stay afloat. In this short post, we’re going to run you through a few quick-fire ways to help you save your business.

First of all, admit that there’s an issue. There’s no use hiding behind information when your business is crumbling, so look at the facts, find the issue, and own up to the fact that your business has a problem.

Next, look at your workforce. A large amount of your revenue goes towards paying employee wages, and though it might seem like a horrible thing to do, it might be time to start cutting out people who don’t bring anything to the company and just sit on the payroll. Similarly, start cutting your expenses. Find where you can save money and start switching providers and stockists for various elements of your business.

Prioritise. Whatever projects you currently have on the go, figure out which ones are the cheapest and most profitable to keep running. It is these projects that will help you generate more revenue and keep your business going.

Finally: Breathe. It is completely possible to bring yourself out of a business crisis, and you’ll only lose the battle if you stop fighting.


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