Learn influencing skills

Posted December 21st, 2015

The ability to influence the actions of other people is a crucial skill that can be learnt by anyone. It is an essential tool in the arsenal of anyone whose role involves the management of others as well as general leadership and sales, as it provides the skillset to effectively manage the workforce and influence key decision makers.

In essence the key benefits of learning effective influencing skills are:

Learning influencing skills means the management within an organisation will be more effective at delivering the desired results which means better productivity, a happier workforce and lower turnover.

For a sales team; utilising the influencing skills learnt through this course will provide them with additional skills to influence buyers, meaning higher levels of sales.

Also by providing individuals within the organisation with enhanced influencing skills, you enable them to positively effect change within the organisation and become more innovative in their approach.

The inherent aim of any form of training is to provide the course attendee’s with useful information and practical skills that can add to their existing skillset and which helps them to deliver desired outcomes. The influencing skills training course from Trainer Bubble does this and more.

The influencing skills training course materials cover a comprehensive range of information such as; effective influencing behaviours, building rapport and creating the right first impression as well as guidance on using the TUPAC model which covers the stages of influencing.

The aim of the course is simply to ensure understanding of the fundamental principles of influence, identification of barriers and enablers and identifying the preferred influencing style of the participants so that they can adapt their behaviour to suit the influencing outcome desired.

Trainer Bubble training materials are ICM accredited and provide the ability to effectively deliver cost effective training courses. ICM accreditation ensures quality whilst the ready made and ready to use course materials themselves are presented in a useful and efficient format for optimum course delivery. They can be edited in terms of design and content, whilst offering excellent value for money as they can be used time and time again.


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