Make the Most of Your Budget During the Credit Crunch

Posted October 8th, 2008

Value for money has never been more important…

You can’t turn on the tv, read the paper or view the internet at the moment without being told how difficult times are financially right now. Our experience in dealing with large organisations tells us that even though companies might not be ready to throw in the towel just yet, there has been a noticeable downturn in the outputs of most L&D departments.

Many are doing nothing and learning and development has simply been placed on hold, while others are cutting budgets and streamlining or even cancelling any development plans. What you can be sure of is that development is just as important as ever and standing still is not the best way forward. That’s why we believe that our low-cost, yet highly effective training resources have become more valueable than ever.

So, rather than let the wave of fear challenge your learning interventions,take control again by visiting Trainer Bubble.


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