People Watchers – BBC2. Well worth a watch.

Posted February 1st, 2008

There is a new programme called ‘People Watchers’ on BBC2 during the day, which is hosted by Richard Wiseman amongst others. They set about testing psychological experiments on people and the results are really interesting.

One such experiment was carried out in a shopping arcade. The ‘People Watcher’ had set up a stall where you could win a moped by guessing how many ping pong balls were in a bowl.

They asked people to guess how many balls they thought were in the bowl. When the person made a guess. The tester went to enter their figure on a flipchart, but in doing so revealed lots of previously entered figures which were hugely over inflated. They made no reference to the other figures, but gave the person a last chance to alter their own answer. The person being asked would then alter their figure to be closer to the other figures.

What does this tell us? People tend to form opinions based on others. It’s a herd mentality!

How can we use it? Set sales targets high, people will follow…I’m sure you can think of more!

If, like me, you are too busy in the day to catch this. Simply catch up with it on the BBC I-player.


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