Think Your Way to Success

Posted July 1st, 2007

One issue that our subconscious has is that it cannot process negative thoughts. In other words if I were to say to you now…

“Don’t think of a blue duck”

What do you think of? That’s right…

A blue duck.

We commonly make this very mistake with children. Let’s say they have a glass of milk and we say, “Don’t spill that milk.” What happens next?

Of course, in order to think of not spilling the milk they have to first think of spilling it. That’s the exact same time that your carpet gets ruined!

If one small statement like this can have an impact, imagine what happens when we have months or even years of conditioning. Once we realise that our subconscious cannot differentiate between a negative and positive statement it becomes clear why we tend to fail with the goals we set ourselves.

Picture the person that decides to lose weight, every time they look in the mirror they think ‘fat, fat, fat’. Each time they open the fridge they think ‘don’t eat this, don’t eat that.’ Their subconscious is only hearing fat, fat, fat as if that is the way things should be and if it’s receiving a message of ‘don’t eat’ and it can’t process negative thoughts, what is the message it’s getting?

…Eat, exactly. So with this one typical example we realise how our desire to get fit can become an exercise in getting bigger.

You may not even realise it when you use negatives words and phrases. Regardless, if you use them enough, they can condition you to think negatively, too. Before you know it, little negatives will clutter up your mind, as well as your conversation.

You now know that our subconscious needs positives to work on and if you want positive outcomes, then you must…


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