Preparing for a Business Crisis

Posted April 24th, 2018

Being prepared in case of a business crisis is a necessary part of your company’s business plan. Having a plan in place will prevent your business team from having to make tough calls during a crisis situation, which takes a little bit of the responsibility off of their shoulders. Trying to make decisions for the company’s future while under extreme duress doesn’t make for great business planning.

To prepare for a business crisis, you should ensure that you have a strong team of leaders and a crisis management team. These individuals will be responsible for any decisions and communications made during a business crisis. You should try to have separate heads for your legal, financial, and PR departments, who are all willing to follow the plan you’ve already set out to ensure that everyone stays on-task during a crisis.

Train your employees to properly deal with a business crisis within their own job positions. Employees below management level should be informed of a crisis when it occurs but may not actually have much to do with working through the crisis, itself. Internal email is a good way to notify employees, but it should always be followed up with a more in-depth staff meeting, where they can be properly informed of current events.

A crisis management plan is crucial in the case of a business crisis. This will help keep your business afloat during the first few days of a crisis, and keep everyone from panicking.


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