Risk Assessments for Managers

Posted May 11th, 2018

A risk assessment is a document which elaborates on the areas of your workings that could cause potential harm to others or yourself, so that you can take the appropriate precautions, when carrying out your tasks, to prevent this harm or other hazards.

When you consider the health and safety of a company, risk assessments are vital to ensure the wellbeing of all employees. The main objective of a risk assessment is to determine whether or not the work an individual is carrying out is safe enough to commence. Risk assessments are often used in all sectors of work, and they become a familiar document to a lot of working professionals. The risk assessment was brought into play under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 to assist in reducing the level of work-related accidents.

A risk assessment is a sure way to help protect your workers and your company, as well as complying with legislation surrounding the document. Risk assessments should be carried out well before an individual starts conducting any potentially hazardous work.

There’s no one way to carry out a risk assessment, as the documents required vary from company to company, based on various factors. However, a few general principles will always apply: Identify the hazards of your work, consider who might be harmed and how, evaluate the risks, combat the risks, record your findings, review and update your risk assessment when necessary.

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