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The Benefits of Custom E-Learning

Posted July 8th, 2022

At Trainer Bubble, we are constantly reiterating the importance of a strong corporate training program. When a training program is well-developed, regularly assessed and well put into practice, the benefits are endless. Developing your employees’ skillsets leads to increased productivity and efficiency, which in turn increases the organisation’s competitive advantage and increases profits. Employees can be trained in new skills that help your business evolve; or they can be trained in existing ones, promoting their ability to complete tasks to a higher standard or more efficiently.

Every business is different, which means every organisation should be committed to developing a unique training program that suits the individual needs of their business. You can invest thousands and see very little ROI if you’re not investing in the right courses for your needs!

In many cases, subscription-based courses can absolutely be effective – for example, when it comes to compliance and legal requirements, purchasing a pre-built, fully accredited course is a safe way to ensure your employees are receiving the training that is required of them just when you need it.

However, as mentioned, every organisation has different needs, and custom e-learning courses are designed to address your requirements specifically. Ensuring that your training program includes some custom content may be the key to unlocking engagement. We’ve broken down 5 benefits of investing in custom e-learning content…

  1. Improved Engagement. Ensuring high engagement is arguably one of the biggest challenges of employee training. Custom e-learning allows you control over your courses, not only in terms of subject matter but also in format and medium. You can gain an understanding of your learners’ requirements and preferences prior to developing the content and then build to suit this. 
  1. Relatable Content. One of the biggest obstacles to engagement is learners feeling disconnected from the content they are being provided. Linking training content to real practices that your learners experience in their professions can make a massive difference in encouraging their motivation and enthusiasm to engage and learn.

It also makes it much clearer for them to absorb. As you seek to afford your learners with new skills, custom content makes it easier for them to see the overall goals and visions. Whilst many skills can be taught with generic content, they can only go so far. You know your employees’ needs better than anyone, and with custom content, you are investing specifically in those needs.

  1. Brand Image. Similarly, custom courses can be used to enhance your brand image. You can include logos, messages and other organisation-specific values. If you do this across your content, your wider training program represents a valuable, recognisable asset to your organisation. With content that reflects your corporate values, you are strengthening your commitment to implementing them.
  1. Cost Effective. With custom content, you have the freedom to make any changes necessary to the content, usually at a minimal cost. This can be the difference between purchasing a whole new course when learning requirements for a specific subject change or just adapting what already exists.

Developing custom e-learning courses can require a larger upfront investment than subscription content, but the products will belong to your organisation and will be essentially free to use, regardless of the number of users and the length of time the courses are accessed. As mentioned, you can adapt the format and any other aspects to ensure you are offering your learners the best possible content at the most value for money. If you outsource your custom content to a training course provider, they can in most cases work with you to make any changes down the line.

  1. Assessment. A final benefit worth singling out is your freedom to use specific assessments. Assessments are an important factor in determining the success of your content and being able to cater your end of course assessments specifically to your learning needs offers you a clear understanding of whether the required information and skills have been taught. This means when it comes to making the changes discussed in earlier points, you can clearly see what is missing and what exactly needs to be changed.

The above has been broken down into 5 benefits, but ultimately, they are all closely interlinked and all tie back to improved engagement and better ROI. Custom e-learning allows organisations to focus investment on the needs of their learners, and constantly review and assess it with ease and minimal repeated costs.

Custom content is specifically catered to the needs of your business, meaning you can be sure that you are not wasting money or employee time on unnecessary content.

The best training programs contain a mixture of training formats; a combination of learning methodologies; and are constantly reviewed and changed in response to what’s working, as well as to trends and changes in the organisation or wider industry.

Trainer Bubble offers an extensive range of e-learning courses across a range of topics, including communication training, business development, leadership training and compliance. We offer a variety of valuable, accredited off-the-shelf content, which can be personalised to your business. We can also work with you to create entirely custom content for the requirements of your organisation.

For more information, and to discuss the learning needs of your business, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.​


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