Tips for better self-study

Posted March 22nd, 2018

Beyond the meeting rooms and the online courses, you may want to get in some extra study or research at home. Self-study can be trying. Our home environments are full of distractions and working on our own laptops gives us the freedom to browse the internet without realising we’ve wasted 3 hours. Below, we’ve listed several tips to help you achieve better self-study, no matter where you are:

• Find a study environment. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a room at home, you could use a public library, or find a café.

• Highlight. Whatever you’re reading, you’ll benefit from highlighting key words and phrases that you might need to remember later on.

• Learn using various mediums. Search YouTube for videos as well as reading huge tombs of information.

• Talk to the experts. You’ll be surprised how many professionals will be willing to answer your queries. Talk to your instructors, your managers, even check out LinkedIn.

• Write guides and essays. By summarising the information in your own words, as if explaining to another beginner, you can actually help your own learning process.

• Take notes. Take as many notes as you feel like you need to, and then go back over them with a highlighter to bright out the most important ones.

Using these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a better studying method. If you have physical classes that you go to, you might benefit from having a chat to your teacher/instructor next time you see them.


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