Tips to Writing a Successful CV

Posted May 5th, 2017

At some point, everyone needs to write a CV that will help them apply for a new job, whether internally at a company we already work within or for a completely new job. There are a few tips that will help those looking to improve on their CV writing skills.

Always Tailor Your Approach – Every company, job role and person reading your CV is different to the last. Ensure that you tailor your CV for each application, listing your key skills and experiences that match the job description near the top. You have to stand out from the piles of CVs recruiters are receiving and this is a key tip.

Get to the Point – With so many CVs to run through, a recruiter is unlikely to read through a long and rambling CV. Keep it to 2 x A4 pages maximum. Bullet point skills and experiences relating to individual job roles. You can explain in further detail when you get an interview!

Don’t Lie – Never leave gaps that can leave recruiters wondering what you were doing in that 6 months between listed jobs. If you took any additional training, highlight it, and don’t put anything on your CV, work experience or personal hobbies, that isn’t true, as you could get caught out in an interview or further into a job you’ve been offered.

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