Trainer Bubble Adverts

Posted January 16th, 2009

We recently designed some adverts to promote Trainer Bubble and our training course materials and thought we’d share the designs with you. The idea was to show our fun side. We hope you like them…

We call this picture, ‘When you’ve got to go!’. Of course we don’t provide these type of training course materials, but perhaps we should…
This ad we call ‘Shot stopper’. Originally one of our course designers turned down the idea of this image as it showed the worng colour football top! The MD won out though as his team play in blue (you need to hunt down the address on our website for a clue to that one!)Advertising is a funny old business and along with training can be one of the things that people cut back on during the leaner times. As with training, I think this is a mistake and these are the times when a company needs to stand out more than ever. Of course there are many ways to advertise, and any business should be careful before they splash out on a big campaign that will provide little or no return. Another thing to be wary of is how equipped you are to cope with the success of a campaign. I recently heard a story of a company that spent thousands on the ad campaign for a telephone based service and tried to save money by not recruiting enough staff to cover the phones…certainly a backwards step!So, by all means, keep spending money…but spend it wisely.p.s. you don’t get much wiser than a Trainer Bubble training course!


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