Trainer Bubble has Changed!

Posted September 9th, 2009

You may have noticed the we have been a little quiet lately, but we’ve not just been out enjoying the UK summer! Our time has been spent updating the Trainer Bubble website in order to improve your user experience.

Although we felt it was time for some change, feedback from customers and our own discussions told us that we didn’t really want to alter the look and feel of Trainer Bubble too much. However, we did want to make it work a little faster and to improve your general experience. Consequently, you will notice that we have added images to the product listings and also improved our search function. Our International customers will also note that there is an easy to use currency converter, which should make our prices much easier to review.

Most of the changes are in the background, but you should notice faster load times and a much better experience. Of course, we’ve kept all the great features, including a huge list of training materials and the free section. Visit us now to see for yourself at Trainer Bubble.


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