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Trainer Bubble Review by Learning Light

Posted April 1st, 2020

We were extremely pleased to see a recent review of our e-learning courses appear on the Learning Light website. You can read the full review at the following link –

Trainer Bubble Review: eLearning Courses & Training Resources to Build Workforce Skills by David Patterson, Learning Light

A few small excerpts…

“The learning has a strong call to action theme and it is therefore more than click through and complete elearning. Another well designed piece, with good use of video and interactivity throughout the learning this is pretty well tested by the multiple choice questions. Again, as in all the Trainer Bubble courses we looked at, the production values are excellent and the learning designer working with the subject matter expert appears to be working well.”

“…this course from Trainer Bubble, while challenging and questioning at first, follows through strongly with the toolkit and approaches to help learners put the learning into practice. It does that very well indeed, with good pace and strong production values.”

“Here at Learning Light we look at a lot of content on behalf of our clients who are selecting libraries of learning for their organisation, but it is always nice to have the chance to simply share our views on some effective elearning from a nice company with our website readers. This is good, well-made elearning that is purposeful and practical and will help any organisation build the skills of its workforce effectively.”

We are absolutely delighted with the article that David has written about Trainer Bubble and our courses and it is nice that a highly regarded authority in the field of learning has given us such a glowing reference. David reviewed four of our e-learning courses as well as a wider review of our learning and development offering in general.

About Learning Light

Learning Light is a consultancy of training and elearning experts, helping organizations to find and create engaging, effective elearning and training solutions. Founded in 2005, Learning Light has become a center of excellence in the use of elearning and the latest learning technologies and techniques.

You can read the full review at the following link –


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