Training Your Employees in Fire Safety

Posted May 11th, 2018

Providing full and official training in fire safety for your employees could be the best investment that you make in your company’s future. In any commercial setting, it’s a legal requirement for at least some of your employees to be trained in fire safety as wardens or fire officers. The individuals that are trained should have a clear understanding of the overall duties and responsibilities they have as a fire warden.

Fire needs three elements – oxygen, fuel and heat. A flame can be extinguished by removing any one of these three elements. For example, smothering a fire with a fire blanket removes the oxygen supply, which would put out the fire.

Upon realising there is a fire, the first thing that the individual who discovered the fire should do is raise the fire alarm. This alerts everybody in the building that there is a fire and prompts them to start the evacuation procedure. Fire wardens should then ensure that everyone safely exits the building and gathers at the designated assembly point.

Individuals with known disabilities should have a specific evacuation plan to make sure that they are able to get out of the building as efficiently as all other employees. Fire wardens should be aware of any employees who may need extra assistance when evacuating and allow extra time for them to evacuate.

By training your employees in fire safety, you are immediately lessening the risks that come with potential fires in the workplace.

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