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Turning Inbound Calls into Sales

Posted November 4th, 2016

Inbound sales jobs have often been looked at by those within the industry as an easier route into sales than the harsh reality of cold calling. This isn’t necessarily the case however, and there are some barriers to overcome in order to become a good salesperson when taking an inbound call. Here we look at a few simple tactics you can employ to give yourself the best chance to succeed.

Keep Things Simple – When first answering the phone remember that there is a potential customer on the other end of the line. The last thing they need is to get confused and wonder whether they are in the right place at all. A long and rambling greeting can do just that, so keep things simple, thanking them for calling XYZ and mention your name. Ending with your name is a great way to instantly build rapport.

Answer Questions to Move Forward – When a customer asks you a direct question about a product or service that you offer, too often a salesperson will deflect the initial question in order to find out more about the customer. It is important to subtly mine information from a potential customer in order to upsell or retain their custom in future, but at this initial point answer their questions to keep them interested, and ask for their contact details after they are satisfied.

Confidently Ask Questions – When you have got to the point where you’ve answered their direct question you should confidently ask the questions you need to ask. Whether this is their contact information or another sales question, ask directly as confidence in your voice will reassure the customer.

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