Understanding Anxiety in the Workplace

Posted October 15th, 2016

Anxiety, stress and depression are terrible conditions to suffer with. If you feel anxious in the workplace about having to perform to a certain level, the likelihood is that your performance and efficiency will suffer. Training staff and management alike to understand anxiety, how it can manifest and affect performance and how to manage it in future is an important mind set to implement for the good of your company as a whole.

Have an Open Forum – Staff members should feel safe in the workplace in terms of their mental health. Give them the knowledge that they can talk to management in a private fashion, bringing concerns that can be worked through together without fear of it harming their employment.

Help Prioritise Tasks –  If someone is struggling with their workload it is imperative that their management understand this, can see it clearly and are able to assist by putting together a framework of tasks with different levels of priority and clear, realistic deadlines.

Encourage – Focus on the positives. It isn’t beneficial to take away tasks as being too much for a person suffering with anxiety. Instead, encourage them on what you know they can do well, and focus on those, whilst lessening the load in other ways.

Visit our website product list to find out more about our training course materials ‘Anxiety at Work’ where you will also find a complete summary of the contents.

We understand that it is better to be open and honest if suffering from anxiety and for management and business owners, to provide a climate of openness and one that encourages staff that it is ok to be anxious. The training course materials also allow you to discuss tools and tips to help minimise the risk of anxiety from, both the individual suffering, and their colleagues, managers.


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