Understanding Bribery and Corruption in Business

Posted May 30th, 2017

Every person within an organisation must fully understand and appreciate the legal problems that a company can face should a single employee be involved in what is considered bribery and/or corruption.

Compliance training should be provided as standard in every company. Failure to comply with laws and regulations, no matter whether it is a call centre operative, a receptionist, team leader or company executive, could lead to a large fine for the company or a prison sentence in the worst cases. It is imperative that your staff members understand The Bribery Act 2010, which ensures that organisations and individuals comply with four key laws:

  • Offering a Bribe
  • Receiving a Bribe
  • Bribing a Foreign Official
  • Failing to Prevent Bribery

Through considered and thorough compliance training your employees will understand how to look out for and identify the signs of potential bribery, and know what to do when they come across such a scenario. It pays for a company to train all their staff, helping them understand the vital issues involved in corruption and to have awareness of the processes in place to help avoid it.

Trainer Bubble provides materials for both a classroom training course and off-the-shelf e-learning that help ensure your employees have all the necessary information to protect them from the dangers of bribery and corruption in business. We welcome you to browse for more information, or for courses related to other relevant topics.


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