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What is a Training Needs Analysis?

Posted April 22nd, 2022

A training needs analysis or a training gap analysis is a method used to figure out the needs of the business when it comes to training. It helps you to identify the gaps in training and should be done semi-regularly to keep up with the constantly changing needs of your organisation.

How to do a Training Needs Analysis?

The first step is to analyse the current skills of the business. This means consideration for the organisation, every team and every individual. Where are they doing well and where are they falling short? How do they fare against the rest of the industry? It is important to consider each section of your business separately, and it can be helpful to consider management observations, customer reviews and even employee surveys. Consult with employees directly to build a clear picture of the current standing of the business.

The next step is to create a clear picture of the future goals and objectives of the business at every level. This means the overall strategic picture and organisational goals, the operational needs and consideration for individuals and teams. Remember to consider different departments and levels of seniority individually. Where does the business need to be in the near and distant future?

Once these two processes have taken place, you can identify the training gap. What skills are missing in your employees? What tasks aren’t being completed as efficiently and productively as they should be? What needs to be improved to achieve the future goals?

This method can also help to identify other areas for improvement and can be a useful tool for other departments, some gaps identified will not need entire training courses to be solved.

With an understanding of your gap in training, you can begin exploring options for outsourcing or creating your training program. There are many ways of delivering training, and your analysis should also help you to recognise the best formats for delivering training in each area of need.

For example, perhaps your smaller teams would benefit from a workshop with an outsourced professional, whilst the entire business may benefit from a communication skills e-learning course. This will vary from business to business, but your gap analysis should help you make sense of the issues and know best how to approach them.

Remember to consult with your employees directly when putting together your program. Consider how different people have different learning methods, and ensure you are constantly reviewing your program before and after its implementation. Monitoring the program and individual courses allows you to make changes and ensure your investment is creating a positive and noticeable return that benefits every individual and the business as a whole.

This is merely a guide for approaching a training needs analysis or skills gap analysis. For more information on how to successfully conduct one, or to help your employees recognise their own gaps in performance, we offer a Gap Analysis E-Learning course here. We also have an excellent free resource document that can be used to analyse learning needs within your organisation. The Training Needs Analysis document is available here.

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