What Is E-Learning

What is E-Learning?

Posted October 9th, 2018


Learners today are looking for relevant, mobile, self-paced and individually tailored content. E-learning fulfils this need, given learners can study at their own pace and requirements.
There are many other terms used to describe e-learning, ranging from distance education to digital learning. We define e-learning as courses, programmes or even bitesize learning that can be delivered electronically across multiple platforms away from a physical classroom where a trainer is present.
E-learning should not be “one way” with no opportunities for learners to engage with the content. It should be interactive and provide ways to challenge thinking and to compare the learning with past experiences. Quizzes and assessments should also be included to allow learners to test their knowledge and maintain engagement. E-learning can also facilitate contact with instructors, managers, teachers, subject matter experts and other participants via a Learning Management System (LMS).

Benefits of E-Learning

There are countless benefits to e-learning, whether used on its own or as an enhancement to more traditional training methods.
E-learning reduces time spent away from the office, along with associated travel costs. It reduces the requirement of a physical teacher or trainer. Online learning helps save money while increasing workplace productivity. It also demonstrates that you care about personal development, leading to a happier and more focussed workforce.
Printed materials are also reduced, saving further costs while also helping the environment.

Courses can be taken multiple times

With traditional learning in a physical location, such as a classroom, if course delegates were unable to attend then either additional sessions would have to be provided or another way found to deliver the training. With e-learning, courses can be visited wherever and whenever required. The learning content can also can be revisited at convenient intervals to refresh knowledge and understanding.
Given the advantages are so vast, we have written a blog, “Benefits of Off-The-Shelf Learning for Business Training”. This goes into depth with the benefits of e-learning for businesses.

Is E-Learning for me?

Today, online e-learning methods have evolved to a stage where the materials are highly accessible to accommodate as large an audience as possible. The digital revolution has led to ground breaking advances in how content is accessed, consumed, discussed and shared. Online courses can be taken by employees at a time that best suits them. Depending on circumstances, some may choose to learn in the evenings or at weekends. Many could maximise their time by learning while on the train to work or utilising any other  time opportunities that could otherwise be wasted.

Where to get started

To get started with E-Learning you can view our full range of off the shelf courses using the link below.

All of our E-Learning courses can be added to your own intranet or Learning Management System (LMS).

If you don’t have an LMS we are able to provide one and offer a full set up and support for a minimal yearly cost.

It’s really that simple.

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