Why Safe Manual Handling is Important

Posted May 11th, 2018

As an employer, you’ve probably scheduled manual handling training for every single one of your employees without question. Manual handling training is often a series of videos and questionnaires, most of which can be done electronically now.

Manual handling might not seem as risky as the training makes it seem, but it’s actually one of the leading causes of workplace injury. Because of this, safe manual handling practices are vital in any workplace, and all employees should be properly trained in how to pick up and move a load without hurting themselves.

No matter where you work, you use manual handling every time you pick something up. From moving paperwork and files, to stacking shelves, to bricklaying; manual handling is everywhere. All of the materials, tools and equipment that we use at work will need to be moved, lifted and carried throughout the course of the day.

Awkward postures and bad lifting techniques will all increase the risk of injury while an individual is carrying out a manual handling task. Good manual handling techniques focus on the first lift of the load you want to move: Legs bent, back straight, load close to the body, avoid unnecessary strain.

Safe manual handling techniques are so crucial because the right manual handling technique can significantly reduce the risk of injury to the person moving the load; no matter the weight or size of the load being carried. All team members of your workforce should complete their manual handling risk assessments as quickly as possible to ensure that your company can safely do their day-to-day work.

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