Worst Customer Compaints – Top Ten

Posted February 3rd, 2010

All business owners have to deal with difficult customers at some point but how do your experiences compare with the 10 worst complaints one small company faced in 2009?

Clients are hard to win and even harder to keep, but there are a select few who can make life particularly difficult. Spare a thought then for online retailers, who last year had to deal with a client who wanted to return a used toilet brush – this being just one of the many zany gripes they received from clients last year.

Read on for the company’s top 10 weird complaints of 2009:

  • A gentleman from Leeds was keen to return the green Slanket (or blanket with sleeves) that he had purchased for his wife because her hair was ginger and it would have made her look like a Leprechaun.
  • A toilet brush was sent back after being used to clean an especially dirty toilet.
  • A Glaswegian male called Trading Standards after the bars of his football table went rusty. He had left it standing outside for two years without covering it.
  • A Candy Bra was returned after already having been opened and nibbled.
  • One unhappy customer sent back a ’20 Questions’ gadget, which guesses the object you are thinking about. After answering correctly 37 times, it had failed to guess a disposable nappy during game 38.
  • A ‘Pets Eye View Camera’ was returned after a female shopper indicated that the filming was not as ‘exciting’ as she had hoped.
  • A ‘Puppy Bumperstop Doorstop’ was sent back by one client because, although it kept the door open, their pet hamster kept bumping into it when running around in his exercise ball.
  • A lady returned her ‘Henry Hoover Desk Tidy’ because its smile was neither big nor happy enough to cheer her up in the office.
  • A female customer sent back her ‘Tipsy Feet’ fold-up shoes because she was concerned about the fact that she continued to fall over when walking home after a night out with friends.
  • A customer complained that the moods suggested by their ‘Oggz Colour Changing Mood lights’ did not reflect the atmosphere correctly.

Dealing with customer complaints can be one of the most challenging parts of customer service. Visit to view our training materials on customer service and dealing with customer complaints. By training your team in the art of dealing with customers, you will ensure a positive relationship with your customers and continued sales.


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